Flaky patches, feeling tight across cheeks, forehead and chin, itching are all symptoms of dehydration, that your skin lacks oil and needs moisture.  If you experience any of the above signs, then you might have a dry skin type. We all produce oil naturally, but harsh products and heat can strip your skin of your natural oil.   The key to treating dry skin is to use the finest products and treatments that will retain moisture and repair flaky tight skin without leaving it oily or greasy.

A 20-minute consultation is a two-step process where I investigate your skincare routine history, to understand which ingredients may have caused your dry skin.  Few lifestyle questions will help me to create your personalised treatment plan.  To achieve best results, you will need to invest time in looking after your skin at home with the prescribed products given in your plan.  The treatments that I perform in the Studio for dry skin types will enhance your homecare plan giving you the best outcome for a glowing and healthy-looking skin.



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