Whether you have always suffered from oily or acne-prone skin from your teen years or victim of adult acne, I have a range of treatments and skincare products to target the visible signs of acne.  Inflammation, breakouts, oily shine, congestion, open pores, blackheads are visible signs that your skin type is oily.   I use technology and active ingredients to form a treatment plan to improve acne breakouts.

As a qualified skincare therapist, I dedicate the first part of the process to a facial consultation and a thorough skin analysis, to identify your main acne concerns. I will ask some lifestyle questions to get a broader picture of what could be contributing to your skin concerns.  I like to have a closer look at your skin through the magnifying lens, so to have a clearer understanding of what your skin needs are.  If your skin is acne prone, when booking your appointment, try to time your consultation so that is not around the week of your period.

A prescription which includes a treatment plan and home care plan is prepared for you before you start the programme. Call the Studio today to book your skin consultation.


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