Hyperpigmentation can come in many forms: from a tiny cluster of freckles to age spots, from post-inflammatory scars from acne blemishes to Melasma or sun damages. All concerns that need to be addressed through a specific and comprehensive skincare plan. It is important when treating any form of hyperpigmentation that your homecare routine is carried out as prescribed.  I have a range of treatments for various stages of hyperpigmentation. This concern can take a while to treat as it requires removal of discoloured skin cells with resurfacing treatments while inhibiting melanin production, which is responsible for the uneven skin tone.

The sooner you book in for your consultation, the sooner you can get started on the correct skincare path that will lead to a lighter and brighter even skin tone.  I do stress to my clients that whilst treating hyperpigmentation your skin may appear as if it’s getting worse. But It’s not, as you treat the skin, those discoloured pigmented cells will appear closer to the skin surface to be sloughed off.

A 30-minute consultation at the time of booking your treatment will allow a closer look at your skin. I will ask some lifestyle questions to develop a customised treatment and home care plan for your specific needs.


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