A skin that turns red easily, with visible signs of broken capillaries, high colours on cheeks and prone to irritation, is a sensitive skin type and not a skin condition (sensitised).  To treat sensitive skin, I limit the choice of products and treatments, as I believe that with this concern, less is more.   I work towards reducing the redness, protecting the skin against dehydration whilst giving your skin radiance.

On your first visit to the Studio I will perform a full facial consultation and a skin analysis to start the process.  During the consultation I find out about your skin’s history and I will ask what specific concerns you wish me to focus on.  I will ask some lifestyle questions to get a broader picture of what could be contributing to the sensitiveness.  A closer look at your skin through a magnifying lens will allow me to feel sections of your skin and to have a deeper understanding of how to address your concerns, by giving your skin what it needs.

I carefully prepare a treatment plan plus a home care plan, so you can confidently start your programme. Call the Studio today to book your skin consultation.


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