Facials by Image Skincare

(rosacea, dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin)

The Signature Facelift is one of the best facials to instantly relieve your skin of redness and dry flaking skin.  This 30-minute facial is all that your skin needs from this highly dosed Vitamin C four-layer treatment. You will notice the change in your skin’s appearance after just one treatment.  

Benefits of The Signature Facelift Facial:

  • protects skin surface
  • deep hydration
  • firms & tightens
  • soothes he skin
  • rejuvenates skin cells
  • healing and cell renewal
  • nourishing

The Signature Facelift Facial Includes:

  • Cleanse
  • Degrease and prep the skin
  • Enzyme/Mask/Enzyme/Mask (4 layer)
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Serum
  • Eye Repair
  • SPF protection
  • Lip Balm



Treatment Time

30 minutes

Treatment Cost


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