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Micro Needling: a safe and effective way to generate collagen

COMCIT  – Micro Needling Collagen Induction Therapy  with microdermabrasion  is a 5 step advanced skin rejuvenating programme in 1 treatment.  This advanced method of combining micro-needling with exfoliation will allow the best in product penetration having removed the surface dead skin cells first before applying the topical infusion with micro needling.

Why COMCIT?  customers who wish to rejuvenate their skin without having Botox or fillers.  COMCIT is a safe and hygenic alternative to stimulating collagen.  Micro-needling is a pain free treatment that once applied to the skin stimulates the fibroblast cells to product collagen and hyaluronic acid.  Both of which declines as we age, but with regular stimulation of micro-needling will tighten, plump and repair skin damaged by the sun.   The results are instant from the first treatment, but a course of 12 is recommended, as it is a progressive treatment, and can take up to 14 days to produce new collagen.

You will notice a difference from the first treatment, however, a course of 12 treatments is recommended every two weeks as this progressive treatment, can take up to 14 days to produce new collagen.   Each treatment uses a new disposable roller head ranging from 0.25 – 1.00mm.   The treatment works by creating microscopic channels to the dermal layer allowing topical infusion of powerful rejuvenating ingredients such as Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells deeper into the skin.

There are three different infusion options to treat specific concerns, anti ageing, acne or pigmentation.

Anti Ageing – Skin Rejuvenation – Cellular Active Infusion

The cellular active infusion is a a powerful anti-ageing treatment containing plant stem cells to protect new dermal stem cells.  Clinical studies on active ingredients contained within this infusion, has shown effective regeneration of dermal tissue helping to regain firmness, whilst significantly reducing lines and wrinkles.

Acne-Prone Skin – Blemish Defence Infusion

Contains soothing Pro-Vitamin B5 to decrease sebum production and inhibit bacteria which results in inflammation.  Salicylic Acid helps by exfoliating the skin surface providing anti-bacterial protection and stimulating cells to increase skin radiance.

Pigmentation, Uneven or Dull Skin Tone – Actifade Infusion

The actifade infusion combined with micro-needling, is a breakthrough in treating hyper-pigmentation or uneven skin tone.  This unique infusion contains Neurolighta that is proven to reduce melanin synthesis (which is responsible for pigmentation and age spots) encapsulated Vitamin C giving you spectacular results in treating hyper-pigmentation by brightening, lightening and an even radiant complexion.

The additional skin concerns that COMCIT will universally treat are:-

  • deep penetration of active ingredients increases the volume of the bio-matrix of the skin, plumping and smoothing lines and wrinkles
  • an advanced method of replacing lost moisture to the skin – increased hydration levels
  • provides oxygen to all levels of the skin
  • stimulates collagen production at a cellular level
  • allows the entire face and neck to be treated in a single session, with attention paid to your areas of concern
  • allows you to return to a normal lifestyle immediately, with no downtime or interruption to the daily routine

5 part treatment:

Cryo Oxygen to apply freezing cold oxygen to the skin to stimulate, and cool the skin making the treatment free of pain

Microdermabrasion gentle exfoliation to intensify the COMCIT treatment.  The mechanical removal of dead skin cells will enhance product penetration quicker, plus stimulating new skin cells will give you a brighter, youthful complexion

Micro-Channelling creating micro-channels in the skin to kick start the healing process, stimulating the collagen formation process

Topical Infusion of  active rejuvenating ingredients – Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals from UV exposure, preventing photo-ageing; brightens the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin, helping to reduce hyperpigmentation,  it is an important ingredient needed to produce collagen, you cannot make collagen without Vitamin C.  Plant stem cell extracts once applied to your skin, will help to regain firmness, reducing depth in lines and wrinkles, it will protects your stem cells to live longer stimulating them to get active again.

Oxygen Fusion is applied to maintain healthy skin.  Oxygen is supplied to the deeper layers of the skin where new cells are formed and stimulated

Although some may experience some sensitivity, there is no down-time with this treatment, and the results are immediate.  Your skin will  continue to improve after your treatment, getting better as new collagen is produced which is around day 14 after treatment.  For totally rejuvenated skin,  a course of 12 treatments, taken every 2 weeks is recommended for maximum effect.

Treatment Time

60 Minutes

Treatment Cost


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