Why these 3 ingredients will keep your skin healthy and radiant this winter

by Tracey on November 21, 2018

Your skin is probably already starting to change as we are now fully into Autumn and by the sounds of the recent news reports approaching blizzards and snow forecasted in the next few weeks, your skin will need full-on protection, so that it can weather the storm!   Ensure you have the three ingredients below in your skin care diet to give you the best healthy skin ever this Winter.


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Antioxidants (Protection)

Feeding your skin with anti-oxidants will protect it by limiting free radical damage which can damage skin cell.   Regular feeding of antioxidants will keep skin brighter, improve circulation, minimise irritation and preventing cell DNA damage.

Stem Cells (Prevention)

Plant-derived stem cells protect your skin cell DNA.  They are used in cosmeceuticals to help slow down the visible signs of ageing.  Stem cells protect the life of your skin cells which protects against UV damage on human stem cells; stress from pollution and protects against deeper wrinkle formation.

Peptides (Correction)

Peptides are a chain of amino acids that send signals (like messengers) to skin cells to improve skin health targeting fine lines, wrinkles, supporting collagen giving the face a firm look that everyone dreams of after a certain age.


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