Healthy Skin Starts with the Consultation

by Tracey on May 13, 2021

A skin analysis and consultation should always be your first step to skin health whether you are new to a piece of professional skincare advice and treatments, or you are a long-term sophisticated user of skincare.  Having your skin analysed professionally allows me to find out what concerns you are having with your skin, and also consider your lifestyle choices to identify what could be causing issues if there is one. 

From the consultation and skin analysis I can carefully customise a treatment and home care plan to match your primary concerns.  The headsets shown above allow me to magnify your skin and really examine and see what needs to be seen.   

All facial treatments booked do come with an allotted 30 minutes if it is your first time to the Studio. For those who visit on a regular basis, your skin will always be mini analysed after the cleansing phase. 

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