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by Tracey on December 6, 2013

Virginia Williams is a hidden gem!

Tucked away in a side street, where you would never look unless you were ‘in the know’, is a haven of serenity that is my favourite relaxation spot.  I first visited with a gift voucher as I was ‘brought in to the know’ by a friend & even as I stepped across the threshold, my senses were treated to the indulgent aroma of essential oils, clearly designed to relax & unwind.  And it’s these little extras that really make for a fantastic experience; from the heated, warm & cosy ‘cocoon’ I was enveloped in for my facial, to the ‘no strip’ wax, that was a revelation in bikini waxing for me.  Extra & surprising treats to be enjoyed too like a mini foot rub included with a particular massage or the complimentary hot towels offered, pleasantly, when you’d least expect them!  The pretty view through the massage table breathing hole or the random 2 for 1 & monthly package offers I receive.  All individually a part of the reason I keep going back what is probably 15 years on now (eek!).

I must also comment on the massages available too.  Clearly an experienced masseuse who knows where I need working on & where I want the pressure to be strong but, going easy in more tender areas.  I highly recommend the stress busting head, neck & shoulder massage that is second to none!   I love a massage & as such I’ve been to many beauticians over the years, home & abroad.  Two stand out in my mind: The London Berkeley Hotel & Virginia Williams of South Woodford, the latter of which is reasonably priced!  It’s a no-brainer!

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