When laughter lines aren’t funny anymore

by Tracey on November 30, 2013

Not many people will have heard of Nasolabial Folds by name, but we’ve all got them! They are the creases in the face which run from our noses downwards around the edges of our cheeks and mouths, forming a deeper groove when we smile or frown.


The Nasolabial Folds can become a concern to many, and they are part of the face where we first start to notice signs of ageing, specifically a loss of muscle tone.

Many women seek to focus on these folds to help preserve their youth using invasive techniques such as facelifts and dermal fillers. At Skin Care Studio we say these things are unnecessary! So, how do you alleviate this tell-tale sign of ageing without going under the knife or resorting to the needle?

The first thing is to take care of your complexion on a daily basis. Establishing a routine whereby you cleanse, tone, exfoliate, firm and moisturise will help to lessen lines by removing dull debris on the skin’s surface, which builds up more easily as we age. Take a look at http://www.time-of-life.co.uk/index.php/dermalogica-products/dermalogica-age-smart.html the sister website to Virginia Williams, for the lowdown on Dermalogica products to suit. Products in the Dermalogica Age Smart range, such as the Multivitamin Power Concentrate, are designed to restore elasticity. Even better, pop in to studio for a full Face Map consultation and facial to put your mind at rest.

Other fantastic treatments are on offer to help. At VW Skin Care, you can have the microdermabrasion facial with lifting. While the professional microdermabrasion exfoliation will remove problematic dead skin cells, the lifting that follows is especially good for the Nasolabial Folds. A microcurrent is passed through pads on the face, helping muscles to contract and firm. The result? Plumpness is restored. The Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy facial has similar aims, only using a different approach (see below).

Bad habits such as drinking too much alcohol and smoking also quicken the ageing process. As well as hastening the approach of wrinkles and deep-set lines, these habits are bad for general health, and best kicked! Being careful in the sun is also best if you want to help slow down the skin’s decline. Slather on the SPF 30 and wear a floppy hat to keep the day’s harshest rays (around lunchtime) from your face.

Stopping frowning will help too of course, but there’s no need to stop smiling. A great grin will take years off anyone!

Virginia Williams Skincare Studio is well placed for people in Snaresbrook, Wanstead, Woodford Green or indeed anywhere in East London/West Essex.

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