The Illuminating Facial

by Tracey on February 26, 2020

This treatment is recommended if you are unhappy with your skin’s uneven skin tone, visible evidence of acne scarring or incurred melasma from pregnancy. A cocktail of safe and potent ingredients will instantly brighten and lighten your complexion giving your skin a radiant healthy glow making the hyperpigmentation less visible.

Whilst treating hyperpigmentation does take time to treat and any professional skincare expert would advise a course of treatments combined with the correct homecare ingredients, the Illuminating Facial is a good booster brightening treatment especially beneficial if you are attending an important event and you do not want your skin to disappoint.

A spa treatment by Image Skincare uses ingredients vitamin c (stable form) for brightening and reducing melanin production and Liquorice & synovea both safe lightening agents that penetrate the skin a little deeper targeting the melanocytes where pigmentation is formed.

If you have been unhappy for a while with your skin due to the evidence of hyperpigmentation call and have a chat with me about your options. Do your research and check out what other treatments are available to successfully address and deal with your concerns. There are some excellent cosmeceutical facials that are delivering good results, treatments that will address hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage, melasma or scarring. As I mentioned before to treat hyperpigmentation successfully is not a quick fix and takes time, effort and a little investment.

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