Swap your winter cleanser for your summer one – Now!

by Tracey on June 9, 2014



Now is the time to swap your Winter cleanser for your Summer one

If you are still using your cleansing solution, now is a good time to swap that for the Tri-Active Cleanse

“Warmer weather increases oil production, and UV exposure increases cell build up.  This can trigger breakouts, congestion and dull skin.  Changing your cleanser will not only reduce blackhead and breakouts but also ensure other products applied can penetrate your skin”.  Candice Gardner

Choosing the Tri-Active Cleanse for summer helps hyperigmented and unven skin.  It cleanse, brightens and clarifies using active ingredients such as lactic acid which lifts dull or discoloured  skin cells improving clarity, an shea butter, which provides critical moisture

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