Summer’s here – and your new beach bag is on us!

by Tracey on June 19, 2014
Summer’s here – and your new beach bag is on us!

Dermalogica has been a proud producer of sophisticated physical sunscreens in the fabulous Daylight Defence range for a number of years. Until recently, SPF30 was the highest factor available. This year, Dermalogica has released its broad spectrum Protection 50 Sport range.

Dermalogica’s physical sunscreens are easily applied and don’t leave your skin coated with a horrible greasy film. And instead of absorbing the sun’s heat, their mineral-based ingredients repel it. They are a far cry from the sticky, icky chemical sunscreens that dominate the high street which can make our pores feel clogged up.

To celebrate Dermalogica’s broad spectrum Protection 50 Sport, we are giving away a free beach bag with every purchase while stocks last. If you’re already stocked up on sun screen, don’t despair – you’ll get a free bag with every purchase of Daylight Defense After Sun Repair too! Once you’ve tried this cooling, aromatic gel after a day at the beach, you’ll be hooked.

Why not have a browse around and see the rest of the SPF range.

Skin health, from sun up to sun down

we’ve got skin covered with Dermalogica’s new dalight defense!

Suncare and protection have never felt better.  These ultra-light, silky-smooth formulas are sure to be your summer favourites!

New Protection 50 Sport SPF50 – Water resistant (40 mins)

  • enhancement of SPF performance counteracting moisture loss
  • antioxidants difusse free radicals and help protect skin from the elements
  • Non-greasy formula feels feather-light and comfortable on skin

After Sun Repair – super-cooling post-sun recovery treatment balm

  • instantly comforts and helps reduce pain from UV overexposure
  • Moisturises to help shorten recovery time, soothing and refreshing

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