Seeing red no more: Why the Image Signature Facelift Enzyme Treatment is my choice for Rosacea sufferers

by Tracey on March 16, 2016


Image Signature Facelift Enzyme Peel - London

Image Signature Facelift Enzyme Peel – London

Do you suffer redness around the nose, cheeks and forehead frequently? Do you flush excessively when exposed to hot or cold, or when you eat and drink certain things? If so, it’s possible you have the beginnings of a skin condition called Rosacea.

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition more common in Northern Europeans, affecting mostly women over the age of 30.

For those with severe Rosacea, permanent redness and soreness and occasional pus-filled spots can also be symptoms. It’s an often uncomfortable condition and, while it can’t be cured, there are certain skin care regimes that can help relieve the symptoms.

Many common skin care ingredients (and the environment around us) will aggravate and irritate those with Rosacea. The correct skincare ingredients will soothe, as well as reduce redness and flushing. I see plenty of women at Skin Care Studio with Rosacea who seek help to reduce and control the redness.

I always advise that lifestyle changes will need to be made to help treat the inflammation from within – such as eliminating things from the diet that may aggravate symptoms (for example, spicy food or alcohol). The NHS recommends keeping a Rosacea diary to record the triggers specific to you.

But more than that, I recommend a treatment and home care package incorporating ingredients such as vitamin C to strengthen capillaries, reduce inflammation and soothe heated areas, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate.

The Treatment

At the Skin Care Studio, I offer the Image Signature Facelift Enzyme Treatment. This is a 30 minute, 4 layer non-chemical peel specifically treating, hydrating and brightening skin that is prone to redness.

Because the treatment takes just half an hour, your skin will not be over-stimulated – which can be a real issue for those whose skin is sensitive to longer treatments.   The Image Signature Facelift Enzyme Treatment will benefit your skin by:

  • providing a gentle exfoliation
  • providing a gentle exfoliation;
  • using plant stem cells to strengthen capillaries;
  • promoting cell renewal;
  • purifying and detoxifying with essential oils;
  • improving radiance with botanical skin lighteners; and
  • protecting the skin by healing, nourishing and aiding absorption of anti-inflammatory ingredients.

So, how does it work? After a consultation and review of your skin, it will be prepped with an exfoliating cleanser to correct your skin’s ph. After removing any excess oil, an organic aloe vera base solution is mixed with an enhancer to provide antioxidant protection.

This is followed by 3 further layers of a resurfacing masque, vitamin C and more antioxidant solution. Just 5 minutes are required to give your skin an immediate healing response.

After the layered treatment is removed, a hydrating serum with added hyaluronic acid is applied before being topped off with a hydrating moisturiser (fortified with SPF30 to protect against the UV damaging rays).

A course of 6 Signature Facelift treatments, taken at fortnightly intervals, will give you the best results in addressing the symptoms of Rosacea.

Like with any skincare concerns you have and you want to address, you will need to commit to the treatment package with homecare to get the results you want.   If you are concerned about Rosacea and you’d like to discuss your skin care regime further please call the studio, or book a consultation here.

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