Say goodbye to the real enemy in ageing

by Tracey on June 9, 2016

It has been said that the pigmentation of our skin – that is the discolouration – is the real skin care enemy when it comes to ageing today.

You’ll know what pigmentation looks like – the visible signs include age spots and brown patches, hyperpigmentation and melasma (a condition found during pregnancy). Common signs of pigmentation will be evident on the chin, upper lip, upper cheeks and forehead – areas of our skin we cannot help but expose to the sun daily.  These are all things that make us think a person looks older. Indeed, those with an even skin tone are perceived to look younger and healthier.

Many people go to great lengths to cover up their blotchy skin with make up without ever addressing the problem. For example, did you also realise that 80% of uneven skin tone is caused by our unprotected exposure to daylight (specifically the damaging UV radiation it emits). In addition to daylight, hormones and physical damage to the skin contribute to skin tone change.

And, although pigmentation in black skin is less unlikely to be from sun damage, post inflammation hyperpigmentation sustained through any kind of skin trauma (such as a scrape or cut) will be the main factor as to why black skin will have an issue with irregular pigmentation.

Science and technological advances of the past decade have given trained beauty professionals access to the tools that allow people to successfully lighten, brighten and even areas of skin discolouration. Here at the studio, we have several treatment options that gently treat this condition.                  

lightening lift peel by Image Skincare

lightening lift peel by Image Skincare


The Lightening Lift peel by Image Skincare is a highly active treatment to treat your skin discolouration. Micro skin peels such as this work by encouraging the skin to heal and repair itself.  Peels contain botanical skin lighteners such as bearberry, licorice, mulberry, lactic and kojic acid to gradually lift discoloured cells away from the face, giving you an radiant and even complexion.

To get the best results from a course of six peels, a client must prep their skin for a minimum of two weeks beforehand. Prepping the skin gives the botanicals the best chance of penetrating the skin deeply, safely and evenly – and it enables a quicker result too.

Micro peels such as the Lightening Lift trick the skin into renewing itself by shedding the top layers. It is while healing that you will see the benefits.

My Best Tips for a Youthful Complexion

  • Exfoliate gently to help shed pigmented dead skin cells
  • Commit to wearing a broad spectrum SPF every day.  Without it, you will continue to trigger increased pigment production
  • Use serums containing skin lightening ingredients such as synovea, licorice, mulberry extracts to disrupt further pigment product
  • Book a course of Lightening Lift peels to repair and correct damage skin cells – it’s when your skin is healing that you will see the benefits
  • Make sure your regular skincare routine products are rich in antioxidants – vitamin A and C are best.

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