Save money this week on any Dermalogica Masque

by Tracey on May 12, 2015
This week save on any Dermalogica’s Masque

If you are one of the many who thinks exfoliating without using a masque is ok, think again.

Masque have always played a major part of any good skin care regimen which can be traced back to the Egyptians where they would combine milk and honey as their popular choice for keeping their skin in the best condition.

Masques are problem solvers. Used 2-3 x per week immediately after exfoliating will only enhance the penetration of the active ingredients in your masque, getting to the areas of your epidermis where the ingredients need to make a difference.  Would you condition your hair without first applying your shampoo? No, well the same can be said for exfoliating and applying your masque, your masque is your conditioner for your face. It’s this combination that will help you to maintain the best in optimum skincare at home. Even if you visited your skin care therapist every 4 – 6 weeks, that only equates to just half a day a year.  Is that really enough to keep your skin looking its best?

Save on Dermalogica Masque’s today

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