5 key ingredients that will help reduce breakouts

by Tracey on June 15, 2018

Hormones play a huge role in regulating the amount of oil we produce daily.  Whilst we naturally produce oil (sebum) from our sebaceous glands, the primary role for oil is to keep our skin moist, and act as a protector against unwanted intruders.  Some people naturally have oily skin, which defines their skin type, the visible signs being an oily shine most of the day.

Hormones fluctuate continuously throughout our menstrual cycle, as we produce more testosterone during the latter part of it which spikes up our level of oil production resulting in angry breakouts, sore congested skin.

I have listed below the ingredients you need to be considering when purchasing skincare to help minimise oil production throughout your cycle, without stripping the skin of its natural oils.


Clear Cell Clarifying Tonic

Ingredient No 1
Glycolic acid – also known as an AHA which is naturally found in sugar cane, when used regularly will exfoliate the skin surface, improving your skin texture giving a smoother less congested complexion

Ingredient No 2
Granactive Acne – kills bacteria within the follicle leading to less angry breakouts

Ingredient No 3
Salicylic Acid – also known as a BHA which is also an exfoliant penetrating the follicle, is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

Ingredient No 4
Kaolin (China Clay) – draws out and absorbs oil resulting in fewer breakouts

Ingredient No 5
Arnica Montana – to calm redness caused by inflammation from breakouts

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