How clean is your skin? Get the basics right

by Tracey on April 19, 2016

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Spring is the season when we notice how our skin has fared the winter. The start of those bright longer days will truthfully expose how  best we have been looking after our skin during the winter.

Keeping your skin healthy, means you need to get the basics right.  A daily routine of cleaning and protecting your skin is the most important start you will make in achieving beautiful skin.

The cleansing stage of any skincare routine is vital.  A thorough cleanse will remove grime, dirt, pollution & make up, and prep your skin to allow product penetration of your serum and moisturiser. Cleansers do need to be prescribed.   There is no use picking up a cleanser from a beauty counter assistant who hasn’t looked at your skin and analysed what it needs, or by you telling them what you think it needs.

The first step to the best skin health needs to start with the cleanser to address your primary concerns.  Be it, pigmentation, congestion, brightening, or hydration, start by using the cleanser that will start to address your primary skincare concerns at the beginning of your routine.

Your morning and evening cleanse should always be a double cleanse if you are not using a precleanser.  The first round of cleansing will remove dirt and make up, the second cleanse will clean your skin leaving your it feeling fresh without feeling tight.

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