Get a FREE facial consultation worth £25 when you book the Deep Cleanse Facial

by Tracey on June 2, 2014
The offer is a free comprehensive facial consultation and aanalysis worth £25, free when you book the Deep Cleanse Facial which includes extractions. The 3 part consultation consists of:

Initial consultation: Our opening chat gives you the opportunity to tell me what you want and need from your skin care routine. I will be able to assess how we can get your skin to where you want it to be.

Skin Mapping: I use Dermalogica’s unique face mapping analysis to determine how best to treat my clients. This system allows me to divide the face into 14 individual zones. Each zone is examined centimetre by centimetre: I use touch and sight to diagnose problem areas, and my findings are noted on your prescription sheet.

Skin scanner: Having this excellent tool in the VW beauty arsenal is a real bonus. The skin scanner is a perfectly safe UV light, which I pass across the surface of my clients’ skin. This allows me to look more deeply into the dermis. It can help to identify skin conditions that are not easily seen with the naked eye.

Treatment cost £40.00

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