Eye spy a great beauty deal – free eye lifting!

by Tracey on March 7, 2014


If you’re a fan of facials and all they can help you achieve, here’s your chance to go one better – and get an extra free treat in the process! A free eye lifting treatment when you book the Deluxe Microdermabrasion.   This treatment offers the combined benefits of of a microdermabrasion treatment and Dermalogica’s excellent AGE Smart range of products.

During the microdermabrasion, you’ll have a fine crystal mist applied to your skin, which will help to rid your complexion of dead cells that would otherwise clog up your pores – efficient removal of these cells leads to a clearer, brighter face in the long run and the results are instan!  You’ll also help to stimulate collagen and elastin fibres– the essential building blocks of plumper, age-defying skin.  Using the AGE Smart firming contour masque after your skin has been exfoliated, will seal in the moisture from layering up of masques and tighten the area of the face which could do with just that – a little tightening.

The Eye Lifting is an real added bonus: Using technology again, I will apply a harmless microcurrent to your brow and around the eye, contracting the muscles around the eyes involuntarily – think of it as a gym session for your eyes!

Benefits of the eye lift can include  wider fuller eyes, tightening of the skin around the eyes, reduced puffiness and dark circles, as well as reduced fine lines.

This session lasts a total of 75 minutes and costs just £57 –  saving you £15.  Don’t delay – nab your session today at www.virginia-williams.co.uk

Don’t forget… our Mother’s Day special – the Peace & Quiet Package

Get on your mum’s good side this Mother’s Day and buy gift vouchers for a super treat – the Peace & Quiet Package.  All vouchers can be purchased online, and evouchers sent directly to mum with your personalised message.

Mum can indulge herself for a full 75 minutes as she enjoys a deep cleanse facial and aromatherapy back massage.   Her skin will be a relaxing facial, while the deeply relaxing massage oils will help her achieve a state of calm while I helps to rid her back of life’s little aches and pains.

If you’re not sure what your mum might like in the way of treatments, there are other handy gift vouchers you can purchase online – and there are tons of great products available to buy at Time of Life too.

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