COMCIT Collagen Facials are the new Celeb favourite

by Tracey on September 24, 2015
Crystal Clear - COMCIT - Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy - East LondonCrystal Clear – COMCIT – Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy – East London

Collagen facials are  the preferred choice of  facial of replacing fillers and injections to rejuvenate. COMCIT is a 4-in-1 treatment to stimulate collagen production resulting in a visibly younger looking skin.

With age, our fibroblast cells which are responsible for producing collagen slows down resulting in our skin creating more lines, wrinkles and loosing its elasticity.

One of the reason this treatment has become so popular is because its pain free, and the results are instant after the first treatment.   However, 6 treatments every two weeks allows your collagen to be persistently stimulated resulting in a firmer, tighter rejuvenated skin, naturally.

As your skin is microchannelled allowing active ingredients such as plant derived stem cells (to protect the life of new skin cells), hyaluronic acid (to deeply hydrate and plump), and vitamin C (to brighten, protect,  and a vital ingredient needed for collagen production)  to penetrate even deeper into the layer of your skin where new skin cells are made and make a difference at the route. Oxygen therapy is also added to the treatment to further cause stimulation at a cellular level.

If you are concerned with wrinkles, lines, loose, dull skin, but want a tighter, firmer, lifted, plumped skin, without Botox or fillers, then this treatment is for you.

COMCIT is the latest advanced skin rejuvenation treatment on the market.

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