Bikini Hot Wax

by Tracey on May 16, 2018

Bikini Hot Wax South Woodford


These are the four bikini hot waxes offered at the Studio here in South Woodford.  Hot wax is my preferred method of hair removal of the bikini area, because of the many benefits it has for my clients.

Hot Wax is applied and removed without the use of a strip, making the removal far less painful as the hot wax adheres to the hair and not your skin.  Bikini hot wax is ideal for both Brazilian and Hollywood waxes as the hair tends to be denser.  Hot wax can grab the shortest of hairs too, so no long waits if you really despise hair in the region.

If you are new to waxing, well done on deciding to give up shaving – hot wax will revolutionise your life by the length of time you wait before you start to see regrowth for a start.  I would advise you take two nurofen (not on an empty stomach), 20 minutes before you are due for your appointment.  Hot waxing is ideal if you have very sensitive skin.

Post-waxing I advise 24 hours after your treatment:

avoid sunbathing & sunbeds
very hot baths
tight clothing
using perfumed body lotions and creams


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