Red Alert: New Dermalogica skin perfect primer spf20

by Tracey on February 12, 2015

Serious redness relief, now a primer and skin treatment in one

Its been a week since Dermalogica launched their latest product for those suffering with skin sensitivity.  So many people think their skin is sensitive not sensitised, there is a difference:

‘Sensitive skin’ is a skin type, (genetic).

‘Skin sensitivity’ is a skin of any type which has become sensitised due to a neurogenic inflammation triggered pollution, stress levels and chemicals.   The key factors causing skin sensitivity, which are increasing around the world:





Medical procedures

Harsh ingredients

Inflammatory diseases


Our wonderful bodies are great at fighting infection and foreign invaders.  When the skin comes under attack it generally responds with irritation and inflammation, causing discomfort to your skin which looks blotchy, red, dry and feels itchy.


UC Redness Relief Primer cross tubes

So, what is so good about this new product, and how will it help me, I hear you ask

The three benefits for healthy, balanced skin are:-

 Ultra-smooth, even skin tone

The velvety silicones can be felt as its glides onto your skin, creating an instantly smooth surface while strengthening barrier protection.  The natural green botanical extracts provide a neutral tint suitable for all skin tones, to help reduce the appearance of redness.

Sun protection

Providing UVA & UVB defence without the chalky, drying or greasy effects commonly associated with SPF products.

Lasting relief from sensitisation

Powerful active botanical extracts such as Oat Extracts, Oat Kernel Oil, and their exclusive UltraCalming Complex found in the primer will dramatically reduce redness while soothing irritation for lasting skin relief.

And don’t forget the use of this primer underneath your foundation will prolong the wear of your make up, but it can also be worn alone.  Make your facial redness a thing of the past, add Redness Relief Primer spf20 to your skin care regime and remove the Red!!


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