25% of your first COMCIT Collagen Facial

by Tracey on August 24, 2015

Do you want A-list skin in 60 mins?  Come and experience the facial they are ditching Botox for.

This revoluntary collagen facial is the latest and most advanced treatment to stimulate collagen production.  As we age collagen synthesis slows down.  To keep your skin smooth from lines & wrinkles, you need plumped, tighter, firmer skin, which this treatment delivers.

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COMCIT is a microchannelling treatment used to stimulate a healing response in the skin, as a result your skin making new collagen.   Whilst microchannelling is carried out, pain free,  a cocktail of ingredients such as Vitamin C (you cannot make collagen without this), hyaluronic acid (for deep hydrating and plumping) and plant derived stem cells (to protect and extend new cell life) all resulting in reduction in visible signs of ageing.  4 days after your treatment to day 14,  collagen process is in formation, so your treatment will get better as each day passes.  Oxygen is also used to increase the deeper layers with nutrition, which is where new skin cells are made.

A course of 6 is recommended every fortnight.  And, if you really want to boost your treatment, combine with microdermabrasion.

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