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by Tracey on October 14, 2015

How’s your skin looking these days? Dry, oily, a bit of both? That’s just the surface of course – what about deep down? If you’re not really sure, perhaps it’s time to find out from a professional skin care expert.

Regular, professional analysis – or Face Mapping – can really help you up your skin care game. Coming into the salon a couple of times a year for a check-up can save you serious money in the long run too, especially if you’re prone to buying additional, but unnecessary, skin care products.

Too often we self-prescribe treatments and products that we think our skin needs, or buy the latest ‘wonder’ cleansers and moisturisers because our friends say they work for them. But are your skin concerns truly the same as your friends?  Do you have the same skin type? The answer is probably not – you’ll be better off with a skin care regimen prepared just for you.

At Virginia Williams Studio, I pride myself on finding out why exactly a client has booked in for a facial – I want to know what about your skin makes you unhappy, so that I can prescribe the best treatment plan to take the blues away.

To help you get into the habit of having a regular skin analysis, pop into the VW throughout October and get a FREE Face Mapping consultation.

The Dermalogica Face Mapping technique is proven to deliver results, based on a personalised treatment plan and home care regimen that I will prescribe so you can focus on your actual needs.
A section by section Face Mapping exercise will take just 5 minutes – why not bring a friend? Everyone who gets ‘Face Mapped’ will receive a goody bag!
A twice-yearly analysis will show up any important changes that have taken place and that need addressing. Your skin is changing seasonally as well as annually, and lifestyle factors contribute to this change as much as the weather. In all, you should be able to address 25% of your skin care concerns at the salon, and learn how to address the other 75% at home, armed with a list of the right skin care treats to make it happen!

Remember, you need to invest in your skin to get great skin.

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