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Clear & Bright Micro Needling to treat hyperpigmentation

This pigmentation-diminishing facial uses powerful skin brightening/lightening actives to tackle pigmentation and uneven skin tone.  The infusion is packed with a unique and powerful active skin-lightening ingredient (Neurolighta) proven to help rebalance uneven skin tone.  The actives are transported into the skin through the micro-channels – enabling them to reduce melanin synthesis at a cellular level and tackle the problem at source.  (Results can be seen after the first treatment; however, to treat pigmentation a treatment course is always recommended).

COMCIT (Cryo-Oxygen Micro-channeling Collagen Induction Therapy) is the most effective and advanced skin rejuvenating system because it offers four modes of action all design to treat hyperpigmentation, improving the appearance of an uneven skin tone.

Cryo Oxygen to apply freezing cold oxygen to the skin to stimulate, and cool the skin making the treatment free of pain

Micro-Channelling creating microchannels in the skin to kick-start the healing process, stimulating the collagen formation process

Topical Infusion containing skin-lightening active ingredients to balance an uneven skin tone.

Oxygen Fusion is applied to maintain healthy skin.  Oxygen is supplied to the deeper layers of the skin where new cells are formed and stimulated

Although some may experience some sensitivity, there is no downtime with this treatment, and the results are immediate.  Your skin will continue to improve after your treatment, getting better as new collagen is produced which is around day 14 after treatment.  For totally rejuvenated skin,  a course of 12 treatments, taken every 2 weeks is recommended for maximum effect.

Treatment Time

45 minutes

Treatment Cost


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